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To verify your account, you are requested to submit the following documents:

  • A clear copy of a Proof of Identity. This can be a Passport, a national ID card or a Driving Licence (both sides of the documents are needed). Your full name, a photo, date of birth and date of expiry must be clearly visible of the documents.
  • A copy of Proof of Residence, with an issue date of not older than 3 months. Utility bills (electricity, gas, water, etc.) or bank statements are accepted. We do not accept credit card statements and mobile phone bills. The document must be on the official letterhead of the supplier, and clearly show your full name, residential address and date of issue.

After you submit your personal details on the KYC form, you should receive an email to your inbox titled “Verify Email Address”. Open the email and click on the ‘Verify Email Address’ button to continue your onboarding process. If you do not receive a confirmation email in a few minutes, please check your Junk/Spam folder.

If you wish to change any information previously submitted in your application, send us an Email to [email protected] or call us on +44 20 3819 3100.

Login into your client portal. and navigate to “Profile” -> “Personal Information” -> “Change Password”.



To fund your account, login into your client portal. Navigate to “Transfers” -> “Fund Account” -> “From Account”. Choose your method of funding, then choose “To Account” to pick between your landing and your trading account. Insert the amount you wish to transfer and then select under “Broker Receiving Account” the source you wish to transfer to.
From your dashboard, click on “Fund Account” and follow the same process.

USD, EUR, and GBP.

  • Login into your client portal. and navigate to “Transfers” -> “Internal Transfer” -> “From Account” select your trading account -> “To Account” select your landing account. Enter the amount you wish to transfer in the “Amount” field and then click “Submit”.
  • After that, navigate to “Withdraw Funds” -> “From Account” and select your landing account -> “To Account” and select your source of fund. Enter the amount you wish to transfer in the “Amount” field and then click “Submit”.

Login to your client portal. Navigate to “Transfers” and then click on “Transaction History”.

Minimum amount to deposit is $1000.

There are no fees charged by 4T for deposits. However, your deposits may incur bank fees depending on the type of transfer you make. Withdrawals to domestic banks in the UK will be free of charge and international transfer will incur standard bank charges.



Clients can have leverage up to 1:25. For further questions, contact us on +44 20 3819 3100 or email us on [email protected]

If you have any issues, please contact us on +44 20 3819 3100 or email us on [email protected]

Please refer to the respective Asset Class page for further details.



On Desktop: After you have downloaded the platform, click on "File", then on "Login to trade account". Insert the Login and Password you received to your email and choose server.

On Mobile or Tablet: After you have downloaded the platform, click on "Setting", "New Account", then on "Login to an existing account". Insert the server: 4Tmarkets – Live and 4Tmarkets – Demo depending on the type of account you have with us. After that, insert the Login and Password you received to your email earlier.

  • For MT4 on desktop terminal: In the Market Watch, right click on any symbol then press “show all “.
  • For MT4 on Android and iOS, click on the cursor(plus) button in your “Quotes” page and add the instruments you would like to trade.

  • When you open an order ticket or open position window, under the “Volume” case you can add your Take Profit and Stop Loss.
  • To modify any open order, right click on it then “Modify or Close Order”.
  • Double click on the open position to modify your order.

To change your trading account password, login to your client portal. Navigate to “My Accounts”. Click on your trading account number in blue. Under the “Account Platform” section, click on “Change Password”.

Change tab from ‘Trade’ to ‘History’ to see your closed positions.



4T Markets Limited is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority ( Reference number : 624225 )



“Account(s)” means all and any of the Client’s accounts on the books of the Company opened or which might be opened for the purchase, sale, and/or any other dealing in Securities or in connection therewith.

“Assets” means assets as determined, by the Company, from time to time to be eligible for constituting Margin Coverage, that should be maintained in the Account as Equity deposits.

“Bid” means the price at which the Client can sell (subject to terms of this Contract).

“Business Day” means a day on which the Company is open for general business in UK and, if on that day a transaction is to be undertaken that involves another financial institution in another country, the principal financial center of that country.

“Buy” (including “Long”)means making a Buy Transaction or “buying the market” quoted by the Company.

“Credit Account” means an account where the Company has offered a credit line to use as Trading Resources.

“Deposit Account” means an account where the Client needs to deposit funds before the Client can place any Transactions.

“Expiry Date” means the date and time at the end of the contract period at which an expired Transaction will settle.

“Joint Account” means an account opened by the Client together with one or more than one person.

“Limit Order” means an instruction to take a profit on an open Transaction if the Company’s Quote reaches the level requested. A Limit Order can be added to an open Transaction or to a New Order (contingent on that New Order being executed).

“Margin Call” means a request for the payment of money to cover a deficit, arising as a result of adverse market movement or otherwise, in order to enable one or more open Transactions to remain open and not be subject to enforced closure.

“Margin Level” means an amount equal to the unencumbered Trading Resources on the Client’s account divided by the margin required to maintain all open Transactions, as determined by the Company and expressed as a percentage.

“Margin Facility” if a margin facility is granted, means such amounts as from time to time lent by the Company to the Client, as calculated by the Company from time to time.

“Margin Coverage” means the margin coverage of Assets, as determined by the Company from time to time in accordance with its usual practice, which is to be maintained, at all times, as security for the Client’s debts and liabilities arising under or in connection with the transactions in Securities.

“Order” means any or all of the types of instructions to open a new Transaction or close an existing Transaction that the Company offers, including but not limited to Instant Orders, Limit Orders, Market Orders, Stop Loss Orders.

“Overnight Financing” means the credit or debit applied to the Client’s account when the Client holds a Transaction in certain contracts open from one trading session to the next and reflects the financing costs of doing so.

“Platform” means our trading platform, the MetaTrader platform and any successor or replacement trading platform.

“Sell” and “Short” means making a sell Transaction or “selling the market” quoted by the Company.

“Size” means the Size of the Buy or Sell Transaction. The standard, minimum, and maximum Transaction Sizes that the Company allows can differ from Market to Market.

“Slippage” and “Slip” means then an Order is executed at a different level to the specified Order Level due to the volatile market condition or market openings.

“Stop Loss Oder” means an Order to close an open Transaction at a pre-determined level.

“Stop Out” means the function which closes open Transactions at a pre-determined level when more than a specified percentage of funds available to support the open Transactions have been eliminated by the impact of adverse market movement.

“Trading Robot” means an automated trading system used in conjunction with a Platform.

“Trailing Stop Orders” means an order to automatically track a profitable open Transaction and close it if the market changes direction and start reducing the unrealized profit. Trailing Stop Order moves in one direction it’s used to lock in profits or limit losses. If you are long Apple and Apple goes up, your trailing stop will be amended and placed higher.

“Transaction” means any buy or sell order executed with 4T.

“Underlying Market” means the market in which the physical underlying assets (from which the Company’s markets and prices are derived) are traded.


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